Born on October 29th, 2001 in Greece, Thomas Krasonis soon discovered his passion for speed and so, in 2006 began piloting baby kart. Following his dream, he started competing for the first time at the age of 8 showing great resourcefulness and familiarity with the kart despite his young age.

Will we have a new Champion? Is a new Senna emerging in competitive international motorsport?

“I don’t know to drive in another way which is not risky. When I have to overcome, I’ll overcome for sure. Each driver has its limit. Mine is a little above the others.” – Ayrton Senna


Thomas Krasonis

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Personal Message

First, I would like to thank my personal friends and trainers Katsimis Stamatis, Lenis Stamatis and Bourothanasopoulos Xaris for the great support and help they provided me to make my goal come true. My previous teams; Wild Kart, in Germany; F.A.Chatzis Karting, in Greece and Jolly Team in Italy for the knowledge and experience I gained racing for them. I had an excellent cooperation and great results with them in Greece and in Europe.

Also, a big thank you to my sponsors who believe in my dreams and support me despite the difficulties of the present years.

At last, but not least, my family for the great opportunity they have given me to fulfill my dreams in motorsport racing, and to my first and best friend and dear brother, Phillip, for his love and support.