Krasonis: “The experience of the United States will help us”

Thomas Krasonis is particularly happy about the return of oval track racing to Euro NASCAR. This is because, as he explains, “with our participation last year, but especially this winter, in the races at New Smyrna in the United States, we gained considerable familiarity with this type of tracks. Of course an oval is always an oval, with all that implies. That’s why our approach from a racing point of view remains clear. The truth is that I know this particular track, I had the opportunity to drive there a while ago, and I hope the weekend will be full of positive results for us.”

Thomas Krasonis pointed out that “we continue at the same pace, aiming for wins. We are in a very good position in terms of points and I hope that on Sunday night we will have added important points to our tally this season”.

It is worth remembering that despite all the misfortunes of Sunday at Branch Hatch, Thomas Crasonis is fifth in the “2” division standings with 167 points, while in the “PRO” division he is ninth with 143 points. In the “PRO” “Junior” category individual standings, Thomas Krasonis is in third place, while after the completion of the third weekend of the season, he is fifth in the “Endurance” Championship standings with 83 points.