Krasonis: “Very demanding first half of the season”

Thomas Krasonis is satisfied with his overall performance in the only race of the season on an oval track.
“The truth is that the experience of racing on American soil at the New Smyrna circuit in the winter helped me a lot in the Netherlands. Both races at Venray were difficult, especially the one on Sunday in the PRO class, as I was forced to drive almost from lap 20 without power steering. It was not possible to move any faster and I chose to stay high on the track for the rest of the race. I pushed until the end and the fact that I was able to stay ahead of many drivers is a result of the great effort I put in. Without exaggeration, after the race I couldn’t feel my hands from the extra effort” said Thomas Krasonis.
He added: “We now have two months ahead of us in order to rest, recover our strength and come back stronger at the Most, a track that is one of my favourites, where I have done very good races in the past years. The first half of the season has been very demanding, but we are in a very good position in terms of points in both categories and we are optimistic that the remaining races will be even better.”

Valuable points for Thomas Krasonis!

Only positive could be the result of the presence of Thomas Krasonis in the fourth round of this year’s NASCAR Whelen Euro Series at the oval track of Venray in the Netherlands.
The first Greek professional racing driver completed his racing commitments in the fourth weekend of the season, making excellent performances in both the “2” category race and the PRO race. And all this on an oval track of special characteristics.
In the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series “2” category race for the fourth race weekend of the season, the Greek driver started from eighth position, but driving with patience and prudence, he was able to climb up to fifth position in the standings where he finished.
In Sunday’s PRO race Thomas started from 11th position. Very soon, however, he experienced a problem with the power steering of his race car, forcing him to stay on the top side of the track for more than half of the race. Nevertheless, driving fast, he finished ninth.

Krasonis: “The experience of the United States will help us”

Thomas Krasonis is particularly happy about the return of oval track racing to Euro NASCAR. This is because, as he explains, “with our participation last year, but especially this winter, in the races at New Smyrna in the United States, we gained considerable familiarity with this type of tracks. Of course an oval is always an oval, with all that implies. That’s why our approach from a racing point of view remains clear. The truth is that I know this particular track, I had the opportunity to drive there a while ago, and I hope the weekend will be full of positive results for us.”

Thomas Krasonis pointed out that “we continue at the same pace, aiming for wins. We are in a very good position in terms of points and I hope that on Sunday night we will have added important points to our tally this season”.

It is worth remembering that despite all the misfortunes of Sunday at Branch Hatch, Thomas Crasonis is fifth in the “2” division standings with 167 points, while in the “PRO” division he is ninth with 143 points. In the “PRO” “Junior” category individual standings, Thomas Krasonis is in third place, while after the completion of the third weekend of the season, he is fifth in the “Endurance” Championship standings with 83 points.

It’s… oval time for Thomas Krasonis!

The time for this year’s first oval race at NASCAR Euro Whelen has arrived! And of course, Thomas Krasonis is all set to meet the big challenge of driving in something so different from what we are used to in Europe!

The first Greek professional racing driver is already in Venray, the Netherlands, where the fourth race weekend of this season’s EuroNASCAR will take place.

The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series is celebrating its return to Venray, the only small track in the Netherlands that last hosted a EuroNASCAR race in 2019, producing exciting and spectacular wheel-to-wheel battles on corners with a banking of up to 25 degrees.

Raceway Venray is a typical small half-mile track, based on US NASCAR ovals such as Bristol or Martinsville. The track is built with a progressive 25-degree banking and two racing lines that will make both races highly spectacular.

Especially for this race weekend, the format is different, as on Saturday, the EuroNASCAR 2 gladiators will take to the track for free practice, qualifying (at 13.50) and a 70-lap race (or 40 minutes plus one lap), which will start at 15.55.

On Sunday, the EuroNASCAR PRO drivers have qualifying at 13.05 and a 100 lap race (or 45′ plus one lap) starting at 15.55, completing a full weekend of racing.

We recall that Thomas Krasonis participates this year in both EuroNASCAR categories, EuroNASCAR 2 and EuroNASCAR PRO, with the team with which in 2023 he made the big step in his racing career, Marko Stipp Motorsport.

Thomas is driving the number “46” Chevrolet Camaro at all Championship tracks this year, following a full schedule to maximise his track time and challenge for both titles.

All the action from the Valencia race weekend can be followed through the EuroNASCAR YouTube channel.