ΝΑSCAR GP Czech Republic – Coming in hot after the podium

Thomas Krasonis returns from the summer break, ready to give everything he has after the podium finish at Vallelunga. Next stop: Autodrom Most!

On 3 and 4 of September, Thomas Krasonis and the Academy Motorsport team will compete in the third round of this year’s EuroNASCAR championship, the NASCAR GP Czech Republic.

We sat down with Thomas for a quick Q&A, to get his feeling after the long weeks without a race.

-How was the summer break for you?

I didn’t have enough time to go to vacations this summer, due to the commitments I had. Now I’m ready for the races at Most!

-Talk us through the experience of working with the Centaurus Racing Team.

It was a beautiful and unique experience. It’s a group of 42 mechanics and enginners from the University of Thessaly, and they outdid themselves in order to build and race this race car. They have my utmost respect, and I thank them for the opportunity to compete with it.

-What are your past experiences at the Most circuit?

I have raced there before. It’s a very fast flowing and pleasing to drive in track. In fact, it’s one of my favorites in the EuroNASCAR calendar!

-So, what are your expectations for the race weekened in Czechia?

If everything goes to plan, I don’t believe I lack in any aspect to the guys in front. Good qualifying and a good start will help us take a solid result, with the goal always being a finishing position in the top 10.

And here is the schedule for this weekend (in Local Czech Republic Time)

Saturday, September 3

Qualifying – 10:50

Race 1 – 13:50

Sunday, September 4

Race 2 – 15:00

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Klemen Sofric

NASCAR GP Italy – Race 2: A superb drive from Krasonis sees him finish on the podium

Thomas Krasonis climbed up the order to finish P12 and on the podium for his category at the second race in Vallelunga.

It was a race of battles and many overtaking maneuvers for Thomas Krasonis on Sunday afternoon in Vallelunga.

The Academy MotorSport driver with the #1 on his doors charged up the field, having started P27 after a disastrous race on Saturday, in which he had a sublime start, but didn’t manage to finish after a crash.

By the end of the 18-lap race, Krasonis was up into P12, and on the podium places of the Junior division of the EuroNASCAR PRO category.

This is his first piece of silverware for the 2022 EuroNASCAR season, and a well-deserved one after 15 overtakes during a race which had two separate Safety Car periods.

NASCAR GP Italy – All roads lead to Rome for Thomas Krasonis

After the first two rounds of the 2022 EuroNASCAR season, Thomas Krasonis and Academy MotorSport go to the Vallelunga Circuit, aiming at better results.

Situated near Rome, the 4,085 km-track is a unique challenge for the big NASCAR cars – especially on the last 5 turns, on the most technical and slow part of the circuit.

‘I have raced at Vallelunga in the past, and recently I tested there with my car, so I can say that I know it pretty well. I feel comfortable driving in it,’ said Krasonis.

The schedule for the race weekend (Local Italian Time):

Saturday, July 9

Qualifying – 10:00

Race 1 – 14:00

Sunday, July 10

Race 2 – 10:30

Photo Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard

NASCAR GP UK 2022: Next stop – Brands Hatch!

The 2021 NASCAR Euro Whelen Series continues this weekend at the Brands Hatch circuit, and Thomas Krasonis will be competing in the EuroNASCAR PRO category, with Αcademy MotorSport.

It’s been a lengthy break between the opening race weekend in Valencia to this coming weekend in England, West Kingsdown.

The 1.944 km circuit is the Indy version of Brands Hatch. Situated in the southeast of England, it offers a unique challenge for the monstrous NASCAR machines, with just 6 corners, all but one being right handers.

After the first two races of the season, Thomas Krasonis is at the P12 in the standings, after his impressive comeback in both races at Circuit Ricardo Tormo.

‘Brands Hatch is definitely the most exciting race for me personally,’ said Thomas Krasonis.

‘For one, it’s my favorite circuit on the calendar, and secondly, I have had my best ever finish in the series there. Therefore I am looking forward to race again in British ground in a high level competition once again.’

Find below the full schedule of the race weekend, which you can watch on EuroNASCAR’s YouTube channel.

NASCAR GP Spain – Race 2: Top 15 finish with 12 overtakes for Thomas Krasonis

Thomas Krasonis came back from P26 to finish inside the top 15 on Race 2 of the NASCAR GP Spain in Valencia.

It was a race of attrition and redemption for Thomas Krasonis.

After his comeback in Race 1 on Saturday, Thomas started Sunday’s race from P26, having set the 26th fastest lap time during the first race.

In the 18 laps that followed, the #1 Academy MotorSport driver did all he could and more to climb back in the top 20, and then into the top 15 of the standings.

The two Safety Car periods helped him on his cause, as he battled his way up to P14 at the finish line.

This means he gained 20 positions between the two races at the Circuito Ricardo Tormo during this first NASCAR GP of the season.

The race results are as follows:

Photo Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Bart Dehaese

Thirty days to go: Thomas Krasonis previews the new EuroNASCAR season

-How has the preparation gone for the upcoming season?

So far I have only prepared physically and in the 22nd of April I will go to Italy for the first on track testing of the season, for which I am very excited for.

-What’s the biggest difference between the Elite 2 category and the PRO one?

In the EuroNASCAR 2 category, young drivers and new entries test their skills in the championship, while EuroNASCAR Pro is full of professional drivers who race in order to make the next step, which is for most of us is NASCAR in the USA.

-What do you look forward doing behind the wheel the most?

I don’t know exactly. Honestly, there are many things I want to see and test. For sure, I want to race in some of my favorite circuits again and I am really looking forward for the British GP in Brands Hatch

-How does it feel to have the full backing of the team, especially after taking this promotion?

I feel honored and obliged to do my best for the team and repay their trust in me with the best possible results. It’s an amazing feeling to have this much trust from them.

-Any early goals set?

Without a doubt, finishing on the top 10 of the final standings in the ultimate goal, and we’ll work towards that for the whole season.

Photo Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Klemen Sofric

NASCAR Whelen Euro Series updates 2022 calendar

The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series revealed an update to its 2022 calendar. The season will start on May 14-15 in Valencia, Spain due to the cancellation of the NASCAR GP Germany, while the July 9-10 Vallelunga, Italy event will become a championship event.

The 2022 NASCAR GP Germany at the Hockenheimring, which has already had to be postponed the last two years due to the Corona Pandemic, will be canceled after discussions with track management and in consideration of the ongoing difficult circumstances for the event at that venue. The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series organization will continue to work relentlessly to ensure the future of NASCAR in Germany.

“We are definitely committed to stand a great NASCAR event in Germany!” Said NWES President CEO Jerome Galpin. “It is really unfortunate for us not being able to make it happen at Hockenheimring since 2019, so we will start immediately to investigate every possible opportunity to come back racing in Germany in 2023!”

The NASCAR GP Spain at Valencia’s Circuit Ricardo Tormo will open the 2022 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series season on May 14-15, returning to its traditional spot as the perfect place for the NASCAR season grand opener. An official preseason test at the Spanish track will take place on Thursday, May 14th, offering competitors the opportunity to fine-tune their setups before the green flag flies on the new championship.

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard


Initially scheduled to host the All-Star Event on July 9-10, the Autodromo di Vallelunga, Italy will now host Rounds 5 and 6 of the championship for the delight of the Italian fans. To be run with the traditional NWES event format, the American Festival of Rome will be highlighted by four EuroNASCAR races, the unique atmosphere of an American-themed festival and an unparalleled level of access for the fans.

“We are very excited to continue working with the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series and we look forward to this new development,” declared Alfredo Scala, CEO of ACI Vallelunga. “The event we will host in July will become even more important and we are sure that fans, from Italy and beyond, will flock to the Vallelunga circuit for an event that will combine the excitement of EuroNASCAR racing with plenty of family-friendly attractions at the track, all at a time of the year when Rome and Italy offer unique beauty and incomparable weather.”

“We are very excited to visit Rome in July to run a NASCAR championship event,” confirmed Jerome Galpin. “The Autodromo di Vallelunga is an amazing place offering drivers a stunning layout. We can rely on the Italian tifosi’s world famous passion and on the quality of the organization there to make the 2022 American Festival of Rome a huge popular success!”

The revised 2022 ​​NASCAR Whelen Euro Series championship calendar will include six events: after Valencia on May 14-15, the official European NASCAR championship will visit Brands Hatch, UK (June 11-12), Vallelunga, Italy (July 9-10), Most, Czech Republic (September 3-4) and Zolder, Belgium (October 8-9) before crowning the European NASCAR champion in Grobnik, Croatia (October 29-30).

A brand new event will take place in the winter: the Winter Classic will bring NASCAR cars to compete on ice for the first time ever. Location and details will be announced in due course.

Official press release from EuroNASCAR

EuroNASCAR Italy – Race 2: A final full of overtakes!

Thomas Krasonis signs off this year’s EuroNASCAR championship with a solid P10 position at Vallelunga.

Having started from P16 for the second race of the weekend at Autodromo Vallelunga, Thomas had set a clear goal of passing as many cars as possible, to get a good points’ haul and improve his championship position.

And he did just that, right from the start.

He had a much cleaner and tactical race than Saturday, and managed to climb up 4 places by lap 10, sitting in P12.

Around that time, Tobias Dauenhauer did a mistake and went off track, and when he got back on it, he lost a lot of time, allowing Thomas to catch and pass him in a matter of seconds.

Lanza was attacking Thomas for the next couple of laps, pressuring the Greek driver into making a mistake. However, in a twist of irony, Lanza was the one who made an error, meaning Thomas was able to finish P11.

After the race, a penalty from one of the drivers who passed the checkered flag in front of him promoted him onto P10, for a solid top 10 result.

That was the end of a long season in the EuroNASCAR championship, which started on May 15 and finished 5 months later.

Thomas finishes in P13 in the final standings.

Last but not least, congratulations to Martin Dubek for the EuroNASCAR 2 title. Well deserved!

EuroNASCAR Italy – Race 1: P12 on a rollercoaster race for Thomas Krasonis

Thomas Krasonis got P12 in Race 1 at Autodromo Vallelunga, in an up-and-down 60 km run with lots of overtakes and a Safety Car period.

This year’s EuroNASCAR championship ends at Vallelugna, outside Rome, and the goal was and is the same: a finishing position at the top 10.

Thomas started Race 1 from P16, and what was about to happen for the next 15 laps was an amazing rollercoaster of events.

He climbed up to P15 after the first couple of laps, and after that, he lost some ground battling it out with the other drivers. That meant he lost 3 positions, going back to P18 for the better part of the race.

However, with 5 laps remaining, #56 lost the control of his car, unable to continue, meaning that the Safety Car had to go out and set the pace while the track was cleared of the stationed car.

Thomas took advantage of the situation and got back to P15, just before the SC was deployed.

After it left the track, and with just 2 laps remaining, he managed to grab 3 more positions to finish in P12, securing a +6-finishing position on the results.

In a grid that is so competitive, with everyone trying to get every inch of advantage they can, this result is one to hold on.

Photo Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Klemen Sofric

NASCAR GP Italy Preview – The grand finale!

It’s been a long season, and it’s coming to its end at this weekend’s double race at Autodromo Vallelunga Piero Taruffi.

After a long EuroNASCAR season, Thomas Krasonis and Academy MotorSport will conclude the 2021 championship at the Vallelunga circuit.

Situated near Rome, the 4,085 km-track is a unique challenge for the big NASCAR cars – especially on the last 5 turns, on the most technical and slow part of the circuit.

Thomas sat down with us to talk about the last race of the season and his championship so far.

How well do you know the Vallelunga circuit?

‘I have raced at Vallelunga in the past, and recently I tested there with my car, so I can say that I know it pretty well. I feel comfortable driving in it.’

How do you evaluate your season so far?

‘I believe I could have a better position in the standings othen than P13, since I have finished in 3 races less than most other drivers. Nevertheless, I am happy that I am at a competitive level, and I gather experience for 2022.’

Finally, what would you like to improve upon after Zolder?

‘I would like to have better pace at Vallelunga, so I can have the chance to get a strong result, since it’s the last race of the season and I want to give it everything. I will approach this race with ease and I will try to be as close to the guys at the front as possible.’

The schedule for the race weekend (Local Italian Time):

Saturday, October 30

Qualifying – 10:25

Race 1 – 16:35

Sunday, October 31

Race 2 – 10:30