NASCAR GP Italy Preview – The grand finale!

It’s been a long season, and it’s coming to its end at this weekend’s double race at Autodromo Vallelunga Piero Taruffi.

After a long EuroNASCAR season, Thomas Krasonis and Academy MotorSport will conclude the 2021 championship at the Vallelunga circuit.

Situated near Rome, the 4,085 km-track is a unique challenge for the big NASCAR cars – especially on the last 5 turns, on the most technical and slow part of the circuit.

Thomas sat down with us to talk about the last race of the season and his championship so far.

How well do you know the Vallelunga circuit?

‘I have raced at Vallelunga in the past, and recently I tested there with my car, so I can say that I know it pretty well. I feel comfortable driving in it.’

How do you evaluate your season so far?

‘I believe I could have a better position in the standings othen than P13, since I have finished in 3 races less than most other drivers. Nevertheless, I am happy that I am at a competitive level, and I gather experience for 2022.’

Finally, what would you like to improve upon after Zolder?

‘I would like to have better pace at Vallelunga, so I can have the chance to get a strong result, since it’s the last race of the season and I want to give it everything. I will approach this race with ease and I will try to be as close to the guys at the front as possible.’

The schedule for the race weekend (Local Italian Time):

Saturday, October 30

Qualifying – 10:25

Race 1 – 16:35

Sunday, October 31

Race 2 – 10:30

Strong weekend for Academy Motopsort / Alex Caffi Motosport in Belgium

Federico Monti on the first step of the podium in Club Challenge, pole position and second step of the podium for Vladimiros Tziorzis in EN2.

Incredible mixed feelings in this penultimate round of the Nascar Whelen Euro Series in Zolder for the Italian team led by Federico Francesco Monti and F1 driver Alex Caffi.
Brilliant start of the race on Thursday with the victory of Federico Monti with his FJ # 2 in the Club Challenge which brings him just nine points from the leader of the category.
“Beautiful race, perfect set-up and maximum concentration on track, now everything is possible in Vallelunga in the last round of the season.”

Bitter sweet weekend for Vladimiros Tziorzis in Ford Mustang # 1 who, after winning the pole position for Saturday’s race, had several issues during the race making it really difficult to maintain a good performance on track, caused by unexpected variations in the assembly of the carburetor made during tecnical checks, this affected his performance.

Great reaction of pride from the Cypriot driver entirely supported by his Team Academy Motosport / Alex Caffi Motosport, starting in fourth position on Sunday’s race, that was immediately affected by safety car, really a hard-fought race with no holds barred until the end, Vladimiros always managed to keep first positions and after a penalty on car #50 Tziorztis conquered the second step of the podium.

‘Really a difficult weekend with the mechanical issues that we had on Saturday, but the team has worked really well we solved the problems and we were ready for today’s race where there were some contacts, I got a puncture the team was able to change the tyre immediately so I managed to keep my original position, from then I had a consistent run and I was able to conquer third place then a penalty to Tobias left me the second step of the podium. I am already thinking about Vallelunga which I love and I won’t let anybody or anything interfere with my race there, everything is still very open and so we can really get important results.its important for the team, for me, my family and suporters.’

Great progress and consistency shown this weekend by Thomas Krasonis, who made a difficult comeback in both races that brought the young driver just out the top 10.

In the EN Pro, top 5 on Saturday for Patrick Lemarié in the FJ #5 after a pure racing competition and behind safety car for several laps. On Sunday unfortunately after a very clean run he finished at the end for some mechanical issues.

Press release from Academy Motopsort / Alex Caffi Motosport 

EuroNASCAR Belgium – Race 2: Points for Thomas Krasonis at Zolder

Thomas Krasonis finished once again in the points at Race 2 of the NASCAR GP Belgium.

Thomas Krasonis leaves Circuit Zolder with a double point finishing result.

He started Sunday’s Race 2 from P18 and managed to repeat the feat from Saturday’s Race 1, and climb up the order as he went.

Two Safety Car periods disrupted the flow of the race, but Thomas never lost his focus and continued to push, as all the drivers are fighting towards the end of this exciting campaign.

In 15-lap race, he managed to get 5 positions and finish in P12, securing once again some valuable points to achieve his goal, which is to finish the season in the top 10 of the overall standings.

Next up is the NASCAR GP Italy, the final round of the season, at Autodromo di Vallelunga.

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Bart Dehaese

NASCAR GP Belgium Preview – Finishing in the top-10 the goal for Thomas Krasonis at Zolder

Circuit Zolder hosts the penultimate round of the 2021 EuroNASCAR season, and Thomas Krasonis is ready for it.

At Heusden-Zolder lies a track that holds a lot of history, passion and despair.

Having opened its gates in 1963, the Circuit Terlamen (as its also known) is a 4.010 km and 10-turn track, which has hosted F1 Grand Prix, DTM races and GT endurance races.

And now, it’s the host of the NASCAR GP Belgium in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series – and a track that Thomas knows from his 2019 campaign in this championship.

After a difficult weekend last time out at Grobnik, Thomas Krasonis is ready to tackle Zolder, and get some valuable points for the drivers’ and teams’ standings.

As ever, a top-10 finish is the goal set by the Greek driver, who is going head on to face a new, but certainly not unknown challenge.

The schedule for the race weekend (Local Belgian Time):

Saturday, October 9

Qualifying – 10:40

Race 1 – 17:10

Sunday, October 10

Race 2 – 11:20

Photo Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Klemen Sofric

EuroNASCAR Croatia – Race 2: More points for Thomas Krasonis out of Grobnik

Thomas Krasonis got another batch of points out of Race 2 at NASCAR GP Croatia.

The grid for Sunday’s race was set from the fastest lap from Race 1, so Thomas started P17.

After the start, he made up one place, climbing up to P16, before going back down to P18.

He got his pace back, though, and started chasing the drivers in front of him, and managed to overtake both Valeri, and Lanza, to claim P16.

This means he got into the points once again, and leaves Croatia with two solid finishes.

You can watch the whole race in the link below:


EuroNASCAR Croatia – Race 1: Finish in the points from Thomas Krasonis 

Thomas Krasonis finished Race 1 at Grobnik in a points’ awarding position, with an issue with the brakes. 

Race 1 at Grobnik offered a unique opportunity for Thomas Krasonis to get his season back into gear. 

After qualifying P18 for Saturday’s evening race, Thomas was prepped up for an all-important finish into the points, and he succeeded at his goal. 

He climbed up 4 places during the 14-lap race at Cavle, even though he had a brake problem for almost the half of the race. 

As the team said in a statement: ‘We discovered a problem in front left joint and changed the part. In race 1, Thomas had a brake issue, and as a result he did 7 laps with no brakes.’ 

Now, he will rest and get ready for Race 2 on Sunday Morning (10:30 local time). 

Thomas Krasonis previews the NASCAR GP Croatia

Autodrom Most proved to be a tough one for Thomas Krasonis, who takes the positives from that weekend onto the one here in Grobnik.

Automotodrom Grobnik: that’s the next stop on this year’s NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, the 7th and 8th round of the championship.

It is a relatively short track, measuring at 4.168 km, with 18 turns. The Cavle-based circuit is characterised by the long flat-out zone on the start-finish straight and the fast right-handed kink before that, exiting out of the last proper corner.

The inner part of the circuit is quite more technical, resembling Most, which should put Thomas at a good place coming into this weekend.

Let’s not forget that Thomas Krasonis did the most overtakes in one race last time out in the Czech track, as you can see from this onboard video below:

-What part of the weekend at Most do you choose to keep with you for this GP?

”The fact that I had the speed and I was really competitive. Thes things boost my morale and help me go forward, because they show me that I improve my craft in each and every race.”

-How much acquainted are you with the Grobnik circuit?

”This will be the first time I race at this track. I have studied video footage and I am prepared for it as much as I can before actually driving in it.”

-What are your expectations for the latter part of this year’s championship?

”I think it’s about time to get the results I want. I am ready for this, and it’s only a matter of time before it happens.”

The schedule for the race weekend (Local Croatia Time)

Saturday, September 18

Qualifying – 09:50

Race 1 – 16:40

Sunday, September 19

Race 2 – 10:10

EuroNASCAR Most Race 2 Highlights – From last to P9 (video)

Enjoy onboard highlights from Race 2 at the NASCAR GP UK, where Thomas Krasonis completed 5 overtakes!

And don’t forget to subscribe to Thomas’ YouTube channel right here.

NASCAR GP Czech Republic – Thomas Krasonis has a DNS on Race 1

Thomas Krasonis did not start Race 1 at the Autodromo Most, due to damage on his car.

Race 1 of the EuroNASCAR 2 category started on 16:00 local time at Czechia, but Thomas Krasonis did not take part in it.

Unfortunately, an incident on the EuroNASCAR Pro race earlier in the day damaged the car, and there was not enough time to repair it.

As a result, he did not participate at the EuroNASCAR 2 race.

Now, the team saved the tires and Thomas his energy for Race 2, on Sunday morning.

That means that Krasonis will start from the last position, and with the will to fight for a top 10 finish in a track that he seem to enjoy, after finishing P11 on the qualifying earlier today.

Photo credits: Bart Dehaese/Nascar Whelen Euro Series

Thomas Krasonis previews the NASCAR GP Czech Republic

Thomas Krasonis returns from the summer break, ready to give everything he has after a strong result at Brands Hatch. Next stop: Autodrom Most!

On 28 and 29 of August, Thomas Krasonis and the Academy Motorsport team will compete in the third round of this year’s EuroNASCAR championship, the NASCAR GP Czech Republic.

We sat down with Thomas for a quick Q&A, to get his feeling after the long weeks without a race.

-How was the summer break for you?

I didn’t have enough time to go to vacations this summer, due to the commitments I had. I left for a week of vacation and peace of mind in Crete, and now I’m ready for the races at Most!

-Talk us through the experience of working with the Centaurus Racing Team.

It was a beautiful and unique experience. It’s a group of 42 mechanics and enginners from the University of Thessaly, and they outdid themselves in order to build and race this race car. They have my utmost respect, and I thank them for the opportunity to compete with it.

-What are your past experiences at the Most circuit?

I have raced there before. It’s a very fast flowing and pleasing to drive in track. In fact, it’s one of my favorites in the EuroNASCAR calendar!

-How important was that second race result for you at Brands Hatch?

It was like a vindication for me. After one year out of the game, I proved that I am still really competitive. That was important in terms of psychological boost and I’m ready to tackle the remaining races of the championship.

-So, what are your expectations for the race weekened in Czechia?

If everything goes to plan, I don’t believe I lack in any aspect to the guys in front. Good qualifying and a good start will help us take a solid result, with the goal always being a finishing position in the top 10.

And here is the schedule for this weekend (in Local Czech Republic Time)

Saturday, August 28

Qualifying – 10:45

Race 1 – 16:20

Sunday, August 29

Race 2 – 10:25