NASCAR Test in Brescia


Returning from the long awaited NASCAR test, I do feel the need to share with you my thoughts about it.

NASCAR racing may be one of the most pleasant driving experiences I had the opportunity to live in my racing life. The car is pretty heavy (1.500 kgs) but has enough power (around 450 BHP) that allows it to overcome inertia and be transformed into a small rocket in the circuit. There is a constant tendency to spin on the exit of every turn, and more than adequate power is always present even in low revs, offering to its driver a brutal acceleration that has to be anticipated and tamed in order to avoid unwelcome and embarrassing series of uncontrollable spins.



To cut a long story short, I would love to be behind the wheel of a NASCAR racing car again, since it offers a wonderful mix of speed and adrenaline, along with degrees of difficulty that challenge a racing driver who tries to drive this beast to the limit.


PS I was delighted to have the honor to meet in person the legendary Jacques Villeneuve.