Thomas Krasonis previews the NASCAR GP Czech Republic

Thomas Krasonis returns from the summer break, ready to give everything he has after a strong result at Brands Hatch. Next stop: Autodrom Most!

On 28 and 29 of August, Thomas Krasonis and the Academy Motorsport team will compete in the third round of this year’s EuroNASCAR championship, the NASCAR GP Czech Republic.

We sat down with Thomas for a quick Q&A, to get his feeling after the long weeks without a race.

-How was the summer break for you?

I didn’t have enough time to go to vacations this summer, due to the commitments I had. I left for a week of vacation and peace of mind in Crete, and now I’m ready for the races at Most!

-Talk us through the experience of working with the Centaurus Racing Team.

It was a beautiful and unique experience. It’s a group of 42 mechanics and enginners from the University of Thessaly, and they outdid themselves in order to build and race this race car. They have my utmost respect, and I thank them for the opportunity to compete with it.

-What are your past experiences at the Most circuit?

I have raced there before. It’s a very fast flowing and pleasing to drive in track. In fact, it’s one of my favorites in the EuroNASCAR calendar!

-How important was that second race result for you at Brands Hatch?

It was like a vindication for me. After one year out of the game, I proved that I am still really competitive. That was important in terms of psychological boost and I’m ready to tackle the remaining races of the championship.

-So, what are your expectations for the race weekened in Czechia?

If everything goes to plan, I don’t believe I lack in any aspect to the guys in front. Good qualifying and a good start will help us take a solid result, with the goal always being a finishing position in the top 10.

And here is the schedule for this weekend (in Local Czech Republic Time)

Saturday, August 28

Qualifying – 10:45

Race 1 – 16:20

Sunday, August 29

Race 2 – 10:25